Becta applies pressure to school

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Date: May 22, 2004 - 06:35 AM
Becta is an acronym. No more, no less. It is used by this site for Bringing Educational Creativity to All. It is also used by the British Educational Communications and Technology Agency.

Becta ( ) has instructed its solicitors (RadcliffesLeBrasseur, London,UK) to take action relating to the use of the acronym becta on this website They claim that the only purpose of the use of becta is to divert traffic not intended for the school to . They are requesting that we hand over the domain, for free, and failure to do so will result in further action. has been constructed to promote Open Source applications. The domain has been registered since at least 28-Jun-2001.

Bringing Educational Creativity to All ( has been constructed entirely for the purposes of providing information for visitors interested in developing and applying educational applications using Open Source resources. It is a non-profit educational website, generating no income. It has been constructed, as with the main school website, using a teacher's own resources and income, outside of school hours.

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