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  August, 2019  

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Category: Start / Astronomy and Space

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Astronomy Software  Popular
List of Freeware available for downloading
Added on: 07-Sep-2002 | hits: 1447
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Astronomy Software Sites  Popular
Windows & DOS Astronomy Software Sites. Freeware, Shareware, and Commercial Software
Added on: 07-Sep-2002 | hits: 946
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CVC's Astronomy Freeware and Software  Popular
Links to Astronomy Freeware to download
Added on: 07-Sep-2002 | hits: 671
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Exploring the Earth  Popular
"This program uses space images, vocabulary words and geography trivia to teach students about our Earth. The software provides insight into 4 vocabulary subjects; land, water, atmosphere and space. In addition, students can learn about the continents, oceans, chart Antarctic sea ice growth, track a hurricane and see the Sahara's desert growth over a decade. "
Added on: 30-Nov-2002 | hits: 870
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Exploring the Solar System  Popular
"Use the science instruments from the Hubble Space Telescope to explore our solar system. New and exciting images are constantly included to guide students through the solar system's latest discoveries."
Added on: 30-Nov-2002 | hits: 904
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Free Virtual Galaxy Project  Popular
"The purpose of the Free Virtual Galaxy Project (FVG) is to provide a zero cost, interactive 3D virtual reality system which allows users to "fly" to and around nearby stars in the Milky Way Galaxy. Objects represented in the system are plotted in the positions they occupy in 3-space according to the best information available"
Added on: 30-Nov-2002 | hits: 669
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Gravitorium  Popular
"A program for fun and education to simulate the movement of stars, planets and other bodies under Newtonian gravitation."
Added on: 30-Nov-2002 | hits: 980
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Home Planet  Popular
Home Planet is in the public domain; it is free software. It is not shareware--you don't have to register it or pay anybody, and the version you download is fully functional as soon as you install it. You are free to give copies to your friends, post it on other systems, and otherwise use and distribute it in any way without permission, restriction, attribution, or compensation of any kind.
Added on: 07-Sep-2002 | hits: 702
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PCs in Space  Popular
Free Space software for downloading and using on PCs.
Added on: 01-Dec-2002 | hits: 630
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Planet's Orbits v1.5  Popular
" Planet's Orbits (for Windows 95/98/ME) is an accurate digital orrery with a wealth of functionality. The program uses time-dependent mean orbital elements for the calculation of planetary positions (except for Pluto). Good accuracy is thus obtained from about 2000 B.C. to 6000 A.D. The calculation of the positions of other objects (asteroids, comets) is done by using its osculating orbital elements (so good accuracy for these objects is only obtained for a small time range).|
Added on: 30-Nov-2002 | hits: 690
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