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Nov 20, 2019 - 02:47 AM  
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  November, 2019  

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Category: Start / Chemistry

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Trends in the Periodic Table  Popular
Investigate trends in the Periodic Table, with this Applet.
Added on: 07-Sep-2002 | hits: 1545
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Shareware and Freeware , Tutorials and Links  Popular
Mainly chemistry applications. Download Freeware/Shareware.
Added on: 07-Sep-2002 | hits: 878
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Resource GCSE Chemistry  Popular
This site is intended for use by schools and students preparing for GCSE or Standard Grade science.Material from this site may be downloaded for personal use. Multiple copies or copies made for profit would constitute an infringement of copyright.
Added on: 06-Sep-2002 | hits: 567
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Pressure Simulation  Popular
Another demonstration/interactive applet
Added on: 07-Sep-2002 | hits: 904
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Pre-University Chemistry Course  Popular
The teaching material is based on extracts from the book "Chemistry, Matter and the Universe" by Richard E. Dickerson and Irving Geis.
Added on: 06-Sep-2002 | hits: 704
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Periodic Table (Java version) 
Developed by Dr.Goodman, Cambridge University
Added on: 06-Sep-2002 | hits: 474
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Kinretic Theory Simulation  Popular
Online demonstration of 'kinetic theory' Molecules are placed in a container. Volume of container and temperature can be changed. Nice velocity distribution graph shown. Effect of gravity (weight) can also be investigated.
Added on: 06-Sep-2002 | hits: 1018
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Java Applets  Popular
Light emission and absorption, thermochemistry and microscopic behaviour of molecules
Added on: 06-Sep-2002 | hits: 585
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Interactive Periodic Table 
An excellent online resource for students and teachers
Added on: 06-Sep-2002 | hits: 437
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Interactive Chemistry Software for Schools and Home  Popular
"Unique interactive Chemistry software for Windows which tests students as they learn. Starting from very basic principles, the program guides students through all the concepts required for understanding and writing chemical formulae and for balancing chemical equations. Topics covered include: atoms, elements and symbols, word equations, valency, formulas, writing chemical equations, balancing chemical equations and the formation of ions. Skills are taught through familiar examples, (to help reinforce general chemical knowledge) and by frequent reference to online Periodic Tables"
Added on: 06-Sep-2002 | hits: 696
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