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Jun 25, 2019 - 03:01 AM  
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  June, 2019  

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spacer.gif   UK Government Report : Open Source in Schools
Posted by: admin on Wednesday, May 04, 2005 - 06:51 PM
Open Source World Arriving soon,after the UK elections, is a report highlighting how schools can save money by switching to Open Source software.

At last, a sleeping giant appears to have risen from slumber mode. A report, based o­n research and uses case studies from 15 schools, reveals how significant savings can be made by moving over to Open Source solutions.

The report is to be published by The British Educational and Communications Technology Agency   ( ).  This report is to be made available after the UK elections, which take place o­n the  5th May 2005.  To many users of Open Source the results of the research will not reveal any major surprises.  Yet it opens the door to further promotion of Open Source, and the opportunities that exist for cash-strapped schools to gain greater value for money, and provide students and teachers with greater access to ICT throughout the curriculum. Evidence will be provided in examples (case studies) of how schools can save money by switching to solutions provided by a global community of users.

Evidence will be provided for considerable reductions in the total cost of ownership of a PC.  The report will also reveal how it is possible to increase PC provision by means of the savings made in switching to Open Source.

The report will also highlight the support, reliability and peformance aspects of Open Source solutions.

The report is met with support from Schoolforge, which promotes the use of Open Source in schools. Richard Rothwell, chair of Schoolforge, stated that :

"We trust that Becta will build o­n this positive start and work with the Free, Libre and Open Source Software community to encourage more schools and organisations to deploy FLOSS."

More information about the launch of this report:

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